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Best Corporate, Business Errands Services in Kenya by Marhaba Delivery
We run errands for all types of businesses

Every business, no matter your industry sector or type of activity, time is money. Does your business or office have a busy spell? Do you find you are asking your staff to accomplish tasks unrelated to their jobs? Piles of paperwork waiting to be sorted and filed? Is the phone ringing and you have nobody to answer it? Do you need help during a trade show or exhibition? These are typical scenarios for Corporate, Business Errands we work with.

Whether you are a small or medium sized business or a large non-profit organisation or corporation, Marhaba Delivery Errand Services are here to help you.

Our Office, Marhaba Corporate, Business Errands Services are professional, flexible and capable of many administrative assistant tasks. Your staff is unique in their knowledge of your industry and your customers so why have them spend their time on tasks that are not customer or industry specific? We have one goal as a company and that is to assist all types of businesses with attending to those chores, tasks and sometimes annoying irritations that prevent you from focusing on work-related duties.

Our Corporate, Business Errands Services are best for:
  • Documents’ Collection and Delivery: With strict confidentiality and non-disclosure legaly bound Marhab errand runners pick and deliver packages/ documents, legal contracts and any other documents as requested.
  • Conference and Functions Concierge Services: Making that conference, exhibition or trade show run as efficiently as possible and we ensure that every detail is taken care of and planned with precision, all errands seamlessly catered for.
  • Banking Procedures: Our errands team can periodically deposit of cheques into your bank account as requested, eliminating the time consumed on the to-and-from trip and queuing at the banking halls.
  • Travel Documents and Schedules: We research and book all travel documents, nitty-gritty from flights, hotels, taxi and car hire. Total peace of mind knowing that every travel detail has been taken care of.
Mombasa OfficeJiwaji Building (Taleb Complex), Block B, Suite 16, 2nd Floor, Digo Rd, Mombasa
Nairobi OfficeLa Enzi Plaza, Plains View Road, South B, Nairobi

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